Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six Feet Under

Love death metal? Love groove metal? Then Six Feet Under is your bag.  Chris Barnes left Cannibal Corpse in the mid 90's to start Six Feet Under and people were, understandably, concerned for the future of both bands.  Why would Barnes leave one of the most well known and beloved American death metal bands?  Barnes needed the slower paced, groovy, sound that he could not produce in CC.  I have been a fan of Six Feet Under from the start because I have always loved death metal that has the medium pace to it (I love speed too) and this band filled that spot.  My only complaint is about the album True Carnage.  The production levels make Barnes's vocals almost unintelligible.  Now, I know what you are going to say....the growls he uses are unintelligible no matter what.  Go listen to other albums and then listen to True Carnage and you will understand.  Recently Six Feet Under went through lineup changes and the guitar work is at a higher level, which is nice.  So if you are a fan of good old fashioned American Death Metal but really like to "take it easy" while listening, then I highly recommend Six Feet Under.  (Their cover of Judas Priest's Grinder is killer).

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