Friday, July 19, 2013


You have to see Turisas with your own eyes to really understand what they are all about; black metal war/corpse paint mixed with mythology lyrics, mixed with power metal choruses, mixed with folk music (violin and accordian) mixed with a sensational stage show.  I had the chance to see them last year on Paganfest in a little club and they still made us feel like we were on the plains of Finland fighting for our honor.  Sometimes it's a little cheesy and they are not going to blow you away with their technical guitar skill, although the violin solos are incredible.  Maybe you are feeling a little depressed and need a break from the soul crushing death metal you usually listen too; if so, listen to Turisas!
Hail and Horns

Monday, July 15, 2013


German thrash legends Kreator have been at it since the mid '80s and are criminally underrated in my opinion.  I am not really sure why but I suppose it is because they are not American.  They have gotten more melodic over the years and have also maintained their heaviness.  Another band, like Testament, who kept the thrash level high even as the years went by.  Recently Kreator have tried to team up with fellow German bands Destruction and Sodom to create the Teutonic Big 3 but currently they are doing the festival thing in Europe.  Their most recent album Phantom Antichrist is killer but I couldn't resist posting the Violent Revolution's one of my favorites.  If you are a thrash fan and you don't know Kreator, then get on it!

Hail and Horns

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Power metal is a guilty pleasure of mine.  It probably is for you too.  Manowar in the USA and Helloween in Europe started it and bands like Hammerfall, Firewind, and Blind Guardian have continued the genre.  Holy Grail is out of California and brings some amazing guitar work to a modernized power metal sound.  Huge choruses, stunning vocal work, and lightning guitar make this newcomer a must listen.  You can put them in the power metal genre but they also are very thrashy.  Two albums in, get on this bandwagon now!

Hail and Horns

Monday, July 1, 2013


You should love Nightrage.  They are the exact blend of thrash, death metal, and melodic metal that makes me love them.  This band has been through many lineup changes which included Gus G. and Tomas Lindberg in the very beginning; the mainstay being founding member and guitar shredder Marios Iliopoulos who has kept them on track.  5 full length albums in, their sixth is due out next year and needless to say, the guitar is the focal point of the music.  I would say that if you are looking for a band that is "more accessible" (as a friend of mine puts it) then you should start with Nightrage.   Other bands that fall into this group would be The Duskfall (defunct), Carnal Forge (a little heavier and making a comeback), Arch Enemy, and Children of Bodom.  The American bands have a little more edginess to them (like Lamb of God or Unearth) but a band like Shadows Fall could be considered close.  Whatever your preference, give Nightrage a won't be sorry.

Hail and Horns!